CareWare - Smart wearable sport and health solutions

Programme call: ITEA 2 Call 8, Challenge: Ageing society & wellbeing
Project name: CareWare - Smart wearable sport and health solutions
Project 13034
Project period: Jan 2015 - Dec 2017
Project partners: 16
Project leader: Eolane Les Ulis (France)
Project partners from Lithuania: AB "Audimas", Kaunas University of Technology (KTU), Lithuanian Sports University (LSU)
Electronic Wearable Sport and Health Solutions
When examining the state of the art in the sports and health domain we can find plenty of companies providing advanced electronic textiles, smart sensor solutions, real time platforms, data visualisation or data transferring solutions. Unfortunately, these solutions are rarely integrated together as a real, interoperable, innovative, user driven, go-to-market solution. In the future, the sports and health domain will have personalised, simple-to-use and technologically advanced solutions, which combine real-time data from various sources and advanced wearable smart sensor technologies like highly efficient, accurate and durable narrow fabric sensors. New ways to integrate and collect real-time data will require more data transfer capacity and cloud platforms to enable stakeholders to continuously access the relevant information. The CareWare project aims to develop and leverage novel unobtrusive cyber physical systems for monitoring and advancing personal health and wellbeing. It draws on the results from researches in body area networks (BAN), wearable sensors, care technologies, electronic textiles, physiological measurements and personal health service development.
  • Providing unobtrusive health monitoring solutions
  • Improving and combining existing solutions
  • Creating new business ecosystems in sport and health

  • Making health monitoring as easy as checking your watch
  • More treatment options, and solutions for lifestyle monitoring to support a healthier society
  • Reducing overall healthcare costs
  • Bridging the gap between the electronic textile technologies, sensor technologies and application platforms
  • New promising business model and ecosystem for digital services in health and sport
  • Improved, durable and accurate sensor technology
  • Wearable sensors integrated in textiles
  • Ready-to-use platforms for data communications
  • Adaptable framework for data collection, visualization and interpretation
  • Variety of validated services / proof of concepts