Cluster competences


  Cluster competences        
  Accumulated long-term experience, knowledge, and main activities of organizations that have joined into a wellness cluster permits us to have these different, but focused on a single and common wellness area competencies:
  • Application of functional and smart textile solutions in the process of wellness products development;
  • The knowledge and experience in effective nutrition and food supplements employment in a wide range of wellness areas;
  • Strong mechanics, biomechanics, and physiology knowledge base;
  • Long experience with developing and applying mechanical and electrical engineering solutions;
  • Optimal usage of existing rehabilitation methodologies and tools as well as the development of new ones;
  • Enhancing safety at work by exploiting existing tools and processes and developing new ones;
  • Application of IT for new high value-added products and processes development.

Health technology cluster iVita is a group of companies sharing the goal of enhancing cooperation and synergy in the area of wellness products development. By combining the expertise mentioned we can create wellness products oriented towards these wellness areas:

  • Products for an active lifestyle;
  • Products that enhance people communication and increase their visibility in the surroundings;
  • Products for sport;
  • Products for rehabilitation;
  • Prevention-oriented products.