UAB „De Futuro” started implementation of project „Wellness cluster iVita Research, Development and Innovation open access infrastructure creation (iVitaLab)” (No. 01.2.1-LVPA-K-833-02-0002) on 2017 October 2. Project is partially financed by the European Union investment Fund and Republic of Lithuania. Project investment from cluster members will seek EUR 868,000.00.

According health technology cluster iVita R&D activities we are planing to create 3 open access R&D laboratories with new equipment for new products creation.

During 2017-2019 years period we have already purchased equipment for our R&D activities:

1. Rehabilitation precision components stand:

2. Functional and smart textile stand:

3. 3D foot scanner and knitting machine.


During and after project implemention using the research equipment acquired during the project, innovative and technologically advanced products will be developed in the field of health and rehabilitation.