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Register to the upcoming HAePPI online course how to participate in PPI tenders

We are searching for companies and organisations that are interested in public procurement. We would like to invite students (SMEs, public bodies, universities, and others) to participate in the HAePPI training course, which will help you understand this complex instrument and give you insight into how to participate in PPI tenders. The HAePPI training course, which will be free and open to any interested party, will offer an estimated 30 hours of training based on five different modules: -Introduction to public procurement in relation to SMEs, where you will get a general overview of this instrument, its benefits, and its main financial issues; -Public tenders, to learn all the necessary skills to understand and answer public tenders, to know how to read a tender and write your own proposal; -Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions (PPI) & Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP), to learn about the different ways of acquiring innovation through public purchases; -Tender tracking and support, to be aware of how to look for tenders and where to find external support; -Project & innovation management, to understand the basics of how to successfully manage and monitor a PPI project. The HAePPI training course will consist of interactive learning materials, such as videos, presentations, quizzes, a set of coursebooks with all the necessary information for each module, and additional readings to deepen your knowledge on different topics of interest. The course will start in May 2022, and you can plan your learning journey at your convenience, as the training course will be accessible through an e-learning platform completely free of charge. If you are interested to enrol in this course, please fill in the form on the course website and you will receive a notification when the course is available: