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Cluster iVita international network gateway to Germany

In April 3, 2017 Wellness cluster iVita coordinator De Futuro JSC launched a project “International network gates to Germany” according BSR Stars Innovation in the Baltic Sea Region.

Wellness cluster iVita will cooperate with German partners SME network InoSpeed - a group of companies focusing on technology and equipment for sport and rehabilitation (Health technologies sector).

This project will focus on building partnership with German SMEs, networking, organizing working groups meetings with the purpose of technology/knowledge transfer and drafting new application for development of new innovative solution in the area of health care sector. All the activities during the project will be oriented towards knowledge and technology exchange, practical workshops, best practice discussions and networking between SMEs. Therefore, Lithuanian SMEs will visit German companies with the purpose to find mutual cooperation possibilities, to find new reliable partners, to share knowledge and to build strong consortia for the future projects.

The main interest of participation in this collaboration is the opportunity to support the networking, workshops and technology/knowledge of R&D transfer. German and Lithuanian enterprises will seek to establish working groups for new projects and new products creation.

SME network interest is cooperative actions in:

  • Workshops and study trips.
  • Networking and speed-dating activities.
  • Technology/knowledge transfer.
  • Cross-sectorial inter-cluster activities.
  • Feasibility studies and piloting prior to RDI projects.

The partners of the project have met for the 1th time at workshop in Lithuania, in 4-5 May, 2017. The meeting was attended by a representative D.Vertelkienė of De Futuro JSC, a representative G.Rimša of Baltec CNC Technologies JSC, representatives A.Mačiukas and A.Ratkevičius of LSU, a professor A.Stasiulius and representatives F.Holstein and H.Jelsch of Augletics GmbH.

During the meeting were discussed and planned activities of the project.  Augletics GmbH for further research and product development transferred created the rowing machine for wellness cluster iVita member LSU. The main aim of consultation was to determine any studies to be conducted through scientific LSU potential for further research of the rowing machine.